FIX MY IMMO - Ferrari Replacement Remote and Key Service

Ferrari Replacement Remotes and Keys

Description: Lost all the remotes and Keys to your Ferrari? Need a spare remote or key for your Ferrari? We can supply you new remotes and keys for your Ferrari including the Pin Code needed which most people dont have. Two new remotes and 2 new keys is all you need but we can supply more if required. This service is for the Ferrari 355, 360, 456, 550, 575.

FIX MY IMMO - Maserati 3200GT Remote Locking System Meta M327

Maserati 3200GT Remote Locking System

Description: Your 3200GT Remote Keys wont work? You dont have the Red Code Card? What can you do? Our replacement system solves all your problems. Our system is provided with keys or remotes, you decide. We can repair and program your exsisting keys to work with our system to so dont throw them away. And Remote boot release for a 3200GT is now no longer a wish.

FIX MY IMMO - Mercedes Smart Keys

Late Model Mercedes Smart Keys

Description: Late model Mercedes Smart keys are here. We can provide you with a replacement Smart key for most models of Mercedes now up to the year 2014 and also a few later models. We have been several months working on this and with many requests we are glad to now be able to offer this service for the later model Mercedes. Need a spare key for your mercedes?

FIX MY IMMO - Audi and Volkswagen Immobiliser Bypass

Audi / Volkswagen Immobiliser Bypass

Description: Repairing faulty Immobiliser systems on the older Audi's and Volkswagen's is not really cost effective anymore and most people ask us if we can remove the immobiliser altogether. Yes we can remove the immobiliser for you on most old Audi's and Volkswagen's. We donot use cheap emulators to do this either, we do it the professional way. No more immobiliser problems!.

Lotus Immobiliser and Remote Problems

Lotus Immobiliser and Remote Faults

Description: The Cobra Immobiliser Alarm System fitted to some models of the Exige and Elise is known for problems. The system uses a Pin Code and serial number which most owners dont have and without it you can forget about replacement remotes when yours fail or are lost which one day will happen. Pin Codes and replacement remotes is no longer a problem with our service.